4 stars

"American roots music artist D.B. Rielly was only six months old when, upon hearing David Hasselhoff sing, he immediately soiled his diaper and vowed to bring good music back to a starving generation. Since then, he has tirelessly pursued his quest, all the while narrowly avoiding work, debt collectors, and liver failure." A nice introduction to the debut album of a man who could previously be heard on forty independent releases and films.

On Love Potions and Snake Oil, Rielly covers a lot of ground: americana, pop and roots rock, zydeco, country, alternative and traditional blues. They all fit on the man's calling card and all have something good to offer. Rielly brings a wealth of styles, a very nice voice, and skills on guitar, banjo, and accordion but his strongest asset may be his instinct for sculpting melodic, instantly attractive tunes.

The infectious Zydeco-stomper "One Of These Days (You're Gonna Realize)" gives us a flying start on a trip through America. "Don't Give Up On Me" is reminiscent of Monte Warden, "Save All Your Kisses" is a piano ballad and we then arrive at "I Got A Girlfriend," another danceable accordion-led attack, which clearly proclaims "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

"Loving You Again" is resolutely roots rock and "One Day At A Time" is a billowy Americana ballad. "Changed My Mind" contains extremely clever guitar work on the blues and "Got A Mind" stays with the blues but with an eye toward old-time country. The country rock "We're All Going Straight To Hell" almost bursts at the seams with vitality, while the closing "Love Me Today," like many (rootsy) love songs, takes the foot off the accelerator so emotions can have free rein. A beautiful finish to an even more beautiful CD, which comes in a very beautiful package.


Translated from Dutch. Click here to go to the original article.