4 stars

During a lengthy online to and fro with the FAR reporters about crappy album art, which will be the basis of a feature sometime, probably next March, more than one suggested that, given how much there is of it, we should have a Best Album Art category in the annual FAR & Away, to reward the Good Guys. Whether or not this happens, there was general agreement that DB Reilly would likely walk off with the 2010 #1. The CD and liner notes come in what looks like a cigar tin, and if it won’t fit into any standard CD rack, I think this New York singer-songwriter is used to not fitting in. While he plays others, Rielly’s main instrument is the accordion, as he says in his bio, “wherever dogs are howling and little children are holding their ears, you’ll find DB Rielly and his squeezebox,” giving a Zydeco flavor to several songs, though I imagine I’ve Got A Girlfriend is the first Zydeco song about necrophilia and We’re All Going Straight To Hell the first about cheerfully accepting eternal damnation, but then he pulls out a banjo for a McMurtry-esque standout blues, Got A Mind, about craving personal vengeance against a child molester. Most of the material is more Americana mainstream, ie about relationships, but Rielly switches roots, specifically Southern, musical styles, while his warm, expressive voice weaves the different strands into a coherent whole.

3rd Coast Music