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“That’s soul.”
B.B. King

"A rich and captivating amalgam of country, blues, Cajun, Zydeco and everything in between."
Maverick magazine (England)

"If there’s any justice in the world he’ll be picking up awards at next year’s AMAs."
Country Music People magazine (England)

"To listen to D.B. Rielly and not love him is akin to smelling bacon and not salivating."
The Lonesome Road Review

"He has to be one of the finest songwriters that most have never heard of."
Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

"Excellent... some of the best listening I've had in a while."
Texas Exile Radio

"Really killer record."

"Cross My Heart + Hope To Die is a terrifically engaging piece of work."
Daily Vault

"Most artists take years to get to this point of releasing a perfect album, yes I said perfect. From beginning to end if you can tell me you find a bad song I’ll punch you in the mouth and call you a liar."

"The man can flat-out write great songs."
Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries

"D.B. Rielly has got it all down."
Reviewer Magazine

Save All Your Kisses is "heartbreakingly beautiful."
Whisperin' and Hollerin' (Ireland)

"...reminds the listener of when someone like Bob Dylan was at his best."
the independent music scene

"Love Potions and Snake Oil is a diamond in the rough — a warm and vibrant record that will enrich the music libraries of you like-minded folks."

"What's so great about Rielly though is not just his versatility but also how proficient of a songwriter he truly is."

“a truly inspired musician”
Rootstime (Belgium)

Phil Ramone

"Armed with an accordion, attitude and enough swagger to make Dwight Yoakam blush, [Love Potions and Snake Oil] is a potent and fierce collection of first-rate Americana."
Resident Media Pundit

“Once he starts playing, I hate to stop him because he’s having so much fun.”
Chubby Checker

“He's great!”
Elvin Bishop

“He’s a playin’ mothaf@#%a!”
Gary U.S. Bonds

I Got A Girlfriend is "one of the sickest songs I've heard in a good while."
Whisperin' and Hollerin' (Ireland)

“He really knows what time it is.”

“Great sound.”
J.T. Taylor (Kool & the Gang)

Carson Daly

“He knocks me out!”
Danny Aiello

"Excellent work... smart writing."

"His blend of humor, musicality and subtle songwriting puts him on a path to be compared to folks like Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman."
Wildy's World

"Best of 2010 So Far"
Farce the music

"Oh my God, this guy's good; this guy's funny!"
Hoss (DJ,

"In a time when I am bombarded with music that has little in the way of originality, this album is a breath of fresh air."
The Bay 102.8FM (England)

"Your music made my day and probably the coming weeks as it is the best thing I have heard in a long time."
Mike Penard, Radio ISA (France)

"Everybody in Japan loves your great music!"
OTONaMazu Radio (Japan)


"Whoever still holds a tender heart will be able to appreciate the simplicity of these melodies."
Roots Highway (Italy)

"This music has such a southern drawl you can almost taste the citrus marinade. It's the sort of record that gets you moving from the inside to the out. It's got a real positive toe tapping appeal, oh yeah!"
FATEA Magazine (England)

"The songwriting & vocal presence from front man D.B Reilly is world-class."
The Muse's Muse

"Great songwriting."
Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Love Potions and Snake Oil is "a damn good album."
KAFM Radio

"An uplifting slice of accordion-fueled, infectious, grooving roots music."
Lonesome Highway (Ireland)

Love Potions and Snake Oil is "loaded with some of the fiercest stalker love songs ever."
Midwest Record

"Smart and entertaining."
The Long Journey (Italy)

A "sparkling debut."
The Lonesome Road Review

"This music keeps growing on you."
Written In Music (The Netherlands)

"Save All Your Kisses is a gem."
Roots of Rock

"A fantastic artist!"
Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag

"Highly entertaining and moving."
Mr. Marbar's Blog

Real Roots Cafe (The Netherlands)

"Love Potions and Snake Oil is one of the best debut CDs I've heard in quite a while."