#47 on the AMA (Americana Music Association) chart – on this chart for 20 weeks
#46 on the ECMA (European Country Music Association) chart — 8 songs in the Top 200 from the same album, at the same time.
#3 on the FAR (Freeform American Roots) chart – on this chart for 8 months (Top 5 Male Artists of the Year - 2013) (Top Ten Songwriters of the Year - 2013) (Top Ten Songwriters of the Year - 2010)
#5 on the AMCU (Asociación de Música Country de Uruguay) chart
#11 on Roots Music Report's Roots of Rock chart – stayed on this chart for 14 weeks
#12 on New Music Weekly's College chart
#17 on the EuroAmericana chart
#74 on the Folk Music Radio Airplay Chart
#10 in Denmark (One of These Days)
#15 in The Netherlands (Love Me Today)
#16 in Austria (Don't Give Up On Me)
#16 in The Netherlands (One of These Days)
#16 in The Netherlands (One Day At A Time)
#20 in Norway (Don't Give Up On Me)
#21 in Germany (Don't Give Up On Me)
#21 in Denmark (Don't Give Up On Me)
#22 in The Netherlands (We're All Going Straight To Hell)
#24 in Sweden (One of These Days)
#25 in Sweden (Don't Give Up On Me)
#25 in Austria (One of These Days)
#30 in France (One of These Days)
#38 in the United Kingdom (Love Me Today)
#40 in the United Kingdom (One of These Days)

#1 on CHRW 94.9FM
#1 on 103.2 Dublin City FM
#1 on WHAY 98.3FM
#2 on WALW 98.3FM
#2 on WXLV 90.3FM
#3 on KPFZ 88.1 FM
#3 on KKCR 90.9FM
#3 on WQBR 99.9FM
#4 on KSUT FM
#5 on CFBX 92.5FM
#5 on KZMU 90.1FM
#5 on KRCB 91FM
#9 on WYCE 88.1FM
#20 on WFHB 91.3FM
#25 on KDHX 88.1FM
#1 WildmanSteve Radio
#3 on Radio Free Americana
#4 on Cosmic American Radio
#11 on Radioio Alt-Country

2CCR 90.5FM in Sydney, Australia
2GCR 103.3FM in Goulburn, NSW, Australia
2NURFM 103.7 at The University of Newcastle in Newcastle, Australia
2RRR 88.5FM in Sydney, Australia (CD of the Month)
3INR 96.5FM in Melbourne, Australia (Best of 2013)
7 Cent Music 107FM in Vila-Sacra, Spain
Albertslund NærRadio 94.5FM in Copenhagen, Denmark
AmericanaOK Radio in Dunfermline, Scotland
Aquarius FM 94.7 in Artigas, Uruguay
Artigas FM 88.9 in Canelones, Uruguay
ATOS RTV 106.1FM in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands
Bas Rádio 107.9FM in La Vall d'en Bas, Spain
Bassendean Town Radio 87.7FM in Bassendean, Washington
BayFM 99.9 in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (Best of 2010)
100.3 BayFM in Cleveland, Australia
The Bay 102.8FM in Bournemouth, England
Benalla FM 88.0 in Victoria, Australia
Big River Aranga 88.2FM in Aranga, New Zealand
Big River Dargaville 98.6FM in Dargaville, New Zealand
Big River Ruawai 88.2FM in Ruawai, New Zealand
BIG STAR 97 in Arlington, Texas
Blue Diamant Radio in Vienna, Austria
Boston Free Radio in Bosron, Massachusetts
BRTO Radio 105.8FM in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands
Bumps Radio, UK Bundaberg Radio 96.3FM in Bundaberg, Australia
Cairns FM 89.1 in Cairns, Australia
Caldas FM 107.9 in Caldes de Malavella, Spain
Capdepera Rádio 107.5FM in Capdepera, Spain
Casino FM in Paysandu, Uruguay
Centraal FM 91.1 in Bakel, The Netherlands
Central FM 102.7 in Durazno, Uruguay
CFBX 92.5FM in Kamloops, BC, Canada
Chain Costa FM 102.1 in Rocha, Uruguay
CHRW 94.9FM in London, Ontario, Canada (#2 Album of the Year - 2013, #1 Album of the Year - 2010, Debut Album of the Year - 2010, Male Artist of the Year - 2010, Songwriter of the Year - 2010, Top Song of 2010 - "I Got A Girlfriend")
CJMP 90.1 FM British Columbia
CJTR 91.3FM in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
CKUA Radio in Alberta, Canada
CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal, Canada
CMR 105.5 in Sweden
Cosmic American Radio on
Country Radio 87.7 FM Dunedin in Dunedin, New Zealand
Country Radio 88.1 FM in Gore, New Zealand
Country Radio 105.2 FM in Invercargill, New Zealand in Florence, South Carolina (Artist of the Week) (Fan Favorite Best of 2011)
Countrymusic24 in Berlin, Germany (Male Artist of the Year )
DasLiveRadio in Cachtice, Slovakia
Danceparty Family in Berlin, Germany
Del Parana 99.1FM in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dewberry Jam Radio 1670AM in San Antonio, Texas
Dollard Radio 106.2FM in The Netherlands
103.2 Dublin City FM in Dublin, Ireland (Featured CD) (CD of the Month)
ECMA Radio in Austria
Eco FM 105.1 in Galicia, Spain
Feed Your Fan Music Minute (Featured Artist)
Flyinshoes Review in Dingwall, Scotland
FM Del Lago in Salto, Uruguay
Freedom FM 88.5 in San Jose, Uruguay
GCR Worldwide Radio in Salt Lake City, Utah
The Global Voice
GotRadio in Antelope, California
90.1 Happy FM (Great Southern Radio) in Victor Harbor, Australia
Havenstad FM 105.4 in Delfzijl, Netherlands (CD of the Week)
Hawkesbury Radio 89.9FM in Windsor, NSW, Australia
Heartland Public Radio in Branson, Missouri (CD of the Month)
Homegrown Radio New Jersey
Homelands Radio, London
Honky Tonk Junkie on in Corpus Christi, Texas (CD of the Day, Hossey Music Award)
Hounddog Radio in Loganville, Georgia
HTV Radio in Huissen, The Netherlands
The Hundred 100.9FM in Tacuarembo, Uruguay
HUON 95.3FM & 98.5FM in Geeveston, Tasmania
Hutt Radio 106.1FM in Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Icarna Radio in Cygnet, Tasmania
IDFM Radio Enghien in Montmorency, France
ISA Radio in Lhuis, France (Album of the Month)
Jugtown Radio 94.9FM in Hudson Valley, New York
JRRI in Waterford, Ireland
K103.1 at Gothenburg University in Gothenburg, Sweden
KAFM 88.1FM in Grand Junction, Colorado
KAXE 91.7FM in Grand Rapids, Minnesota
KBLM in Kansas City, Missouri
KBUT 90.3FM in Crested Butte, Colorado
KCLC 89.1FM in St Louis, Missouri
KCSN 88.5FM in Granada Hills, California (CD of the Month)
KCSS 91.9FM in Turlock, California
KDHX 88.1FM in St. Louis, Missouri
KDNK 88.1FM in Carbondale, Colorado
KDVS 90.3FM at University of California at Davis in Davis, California
KEOS 89.1FM, Bryan College Station, Texas
KFAI 90.3FM in Minneapolis and 106.7FM in St. Paul, Minnesota
KFAN 107.9FM in Fredericksburg, Texas
KFJC 89.7FM at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, California
KFWR 95.9FM in Fort Worth, Texas
KGHP 89.9FM in Gig Harbor, Washington
KGIG 104.9 California
KGLP 91.7FM in Gallup, New Mexico
KGLT 91.9FM in Bozeman, Montana
KJZA 89.5FM in Verde Valley, Arizona
KJZA 91.3FM in Flagstaff, Arizona
KJZK 90.7FM in Kingman, Arizona
KJZP 90.1FM in Prescott, Arizona
KKCR 90.9FM in Hanalei, Hawaii
KLFM 96.5 & 106.3FM in Victoria, Australia
KMUZ 88.5 in Turner, Oregon
KNON 89.3FM in Dallas, Texas (CD of the Month)
KONR 106.1 FM Alaska
KOOP 91.7FM in Austin, Texas
KOTO 89.3FM in Telluride, Colorado
KPFT 90.1FM in Houston, Texas
KPFZ 88.1FM in Lakeport, California (#2 Male Artist of the Year)
KPOV 106.7FM in Bend, Oregon
KRCB 91FM in Rohnert Park, California
KRCC 91.5FM in Colorado Springs, Colorado
KRFC 88.9FM in Fort Collins, Colorado
KRSH 95.9FM in Santa Rosa, California
KRVM 91.9FM in Eugene, Oregon (Best Albums of 2013) (Best Albums of 2010)
KSER 90.7FM in Everett, Washington
KSFR 101.1FM in Santa Fe, New Mexico
KSJD 96.3FM in Mancos, Colorado
KSUT in Ignacio, Colorado
KSYM 90.1 FM in San Antonio, Texas
KTEP 88.5FM in El Paso, Texas
KTRU 90.1FM in Houston, Texas
KUAC 104.7FM at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Alaska
KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, California
KUNR 88.7FM in Reno, Nevada
KVMR 89.5FM in Nevada City, California (Top Pick, Album of the Month) (Top 5 for 2013)
KVNF 90.9FM in Paonia, Colorado
KWMR 90.5FM in Point Reyes Station, California
KXCI 91.3FM in Tucson, Arizona
KXCR 90.7 FM Oregon
KZSC 88.1 in Santa Cruz, California
KZMU 90.1FM in Moab, Utah (#2 Male Artist of the Year)
Mauá FM 105.5 in Montevideo, Uruguay
MCWC Country Radio 94.1 in Mora, Sweden
MeerRadio in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands (Top 25 Songs of 2010 - "Loving You Again")
The Mega (Horizon) 89.3 in Rivera, Uruguay
Michael Angel's Cosmic Grab Bag – podcast (Featured Artist)
Mora La Nova Radio 107.3FM in Ribera d'Ebre, Spain
Moray Firth Radio 1107AM in Inverness, Scotland
Neopa Community Radio Ohio
New Zealand Country Music FM 107.2 in Feilding, New Zealand
98.9 North West FM in Melbourne, Australia
Oak FM 101.3 in Wangaratta, Australia
Oamaru Heritage Radio 107FM in Oamaru, New Zealand
Omroep Vlaardingen 107.8FM in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
Opus Music Country Radio Network (OMCRN)
OTONaMazu in Japan (Featured Artist, Top 10 Albums of the Year)'s "KeepItCountry Masters" from Syddanmark, Denmark's "Go Country With Derek" from Gallatin, Tennessee's "The Country Gold Jukebox" from Ontario, Canada
Party 934, 94.9FM in Hudson Valley, New York
Peelstar 94.0FM & 107.7FM in Cuijk, The Netherlands (CD of the Month)
107.7 Pender FM in Poet's Cove, British Columbia, Canada
The Penguin Rocks in Belmar, New Jersey
People FM 107.1 in Maldonado, Uruguay
PineKONE Radio, California
Plaza Midwood Community Radio in Charlotte, North Carolina
Porreres Rádio 107.2FM in Ses Illes Balears, Spain
Pur-country in Aurach, Germany
Public Radio East in New Bern, North Carolina (Top 100 CDs of 2014)
Quart FM 101.0 in Girona, Spain
Radio 05 in Monterrey, Mexico
Radio 227 101.6FM in Hellouw, The Netherlands
Rádio Altiplá 107.2FM in Calonge de Segarra, Spain
Radio Beiaard 106.3FM in Dendermonde, Belgium
Radio Beverwijk 105.4FM, in Beverwijk, The Netherlands
Rádio Bonmatí 107.1FM in Bonmatí, Spain
Rádio Cabrera 107.1FM in Cabrera de Mar, Spain
Rádio Cap de Creus 88.7FM in Cadaquès, Spain
Radio Carmelo AM1460 in Carmelo, Uruguay
Rádio Cassa de la Selva 103.1FM in Girona, Spain
Rádio Corbera 107FM in Corbera de Llobregat, Spain
Radio Crystal Blue from New York, New York (Best of 2011)
Radio Eagle 107.9FM in Bladel, The Netherlands
Radio Ems-Vechte-Welle 95.6FM in Lingen, Germany
Radio Enkhuizen 107.1FM Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
Radio Extra Gold 104.8FM in Koksijde, Belgium
Radio Free Americana in Verona, Virginia
Radio Free FM 102.6 in Ulm, Germany
Radio Helsingor in Espergaerde, Denmark
Radio Karussell in Spillern, Austria
Rádio La Llagosta 100.4FM in La Llagosta, Spain
Radio Landsmeer in Landsmeer, The Netherlands
Radio Lelystad 90.3FM in Lelystad, The Netherlands
Rádio Litoral 107.2FM in Sant Pol de Mar, Spain
Radio Lyon 1ere 90.2FM in Lyon, France
Radio Mælkebøtten 91.5FM in Fredericia, Denmark
Rádio Mollet del Valles 96.3FM in Mollet del Valles, Spain
Rádio Montgrí 107.1FM in Torremolinos, Spain
Radio Noordoost-Friesland 107.0FM in Friesland, Netherlands
Radio Odsherred in Kalundborg, Denmark
Radio Osttirol 107.8FM in Lienz, Austria (Very Best of 2013 - "Some Day" ) (Very Best of 2010 - "Don't Give Up On Me" )
Rádio Palafrugell 107.8FM in Costa Brava, Spain
Rádio Palau 91.7FM in Palau de Plegamans, Spain
Radio Purmerend in Purmerend, The Netherlands
Radio RheinWelle 92.5FM in Wiesbaden, Germany
Radio ROOTS 88.2FM in Vallespir, Spain
Radio ROOTS 93.1FM in Cerdanya-Capcir, France
Radio ROOTS 95FM in Roussillon, France
Radio ROOTS 95.5FM in Conflent, Spain
Rádio Sallent 107.6FM in Sallent de Llobregat, Spain
Rádio Sant Feliu 107FM in Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
Rádio Sant Hilari 107.3FM in San Hilari Sacalm, Spain
Rádio Santpedor 90FM in Guardiola, Spain
Radio Sotra 100.9FM in Straume, Norway
Radio Southland 96.4FM, Invercargill, New Zealand
Radio St. Florian am Inn in St. Florian am Inn, Austria
Rádio Tiana 107.2FM in Maresme, Spain
Rádio Trinitat Vella 91.6FM in Sant Andreu, Spain
Radio Vagabond in Peoria, Arizona
Radio Venray 87.5FM in Venray, The Netherlands
Rádio Vilafant 107.3FM in Vilafant, Spain
Rádio Vilamajor 98FM in Vilamajor, Spain
Radio Voce Spazio 93.8FM in Alessandria, Italy (Album of the Month)
Radio Voorst 105.3FM in Twello, The Netherlands
Radio Waddenzee 1602AM in Harlingen, The Netherlands
Radio Winschoten, The Netherlands (CD of the Month)
Radioallways in Münster, Germany
RádioEstel 93.7FM in Catalonia, Spain
Radioio in Jacksonville, Florida
rádioSssilenci 107.4FM in La Garriga, Spain
Rainbow-Stream in Monchengladbach, Germany
Rincon FM 107.7 in Fray Bentos, Uruguay
Rio 90.9FM in Colonia, Uruguay
88.4 FM Rockabilly Radio New Zealand
Rockland World Radio in Nyack, New York
RootHog Radio in Dallas, TX
Rootsrevival in Bree, Belgium (Top 10 2013)
RTV Katwijk Radio in Katwijk, The Netherlands
San Pedro Station 88.1 in San Pedro, Argentina
Sants 3 Rádio 103.2FM in Barcelona, Spain
Shakey FM 88 in Christchurch, New Zealand
Shoalhaven FM in Nowra, NSW, Australia
Shout Radio, UK
SiS Rádio 107.2FM in the Balearic Islands, Spain from The Netherlands
Southern FM 107.1 in Flores, Uruguay
Space FM 91.5 in Soriano, Uruguay
SRN Mediaworks in Ontario, Canada
Stadsradio 107.2FM in Helmond, The Netherlands
Strabane Radio in Strabane, Ireland
Super Country Radio in Oxford, Alabama
Susa Onda Radio 99.45FM in Susa, Italy
Sword Radio, UK
Taproot Radio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Texas Exile Radio (Pick of the Week)
TLC Radio 107.7 FM in Stratford and 106.7 FM Matamata in Waikato, New Zealand
TSP Country Radio in Elk River, Minnesota
VARA Radio 1 in Hilversum, The Netherlands
The Voice 88.7FM in Sacramento, California
The Voice of Nava 107.9FM in Nava, Spain
WALW 98.3FM in Moulton, Alabama (Top Performer of the Week)
WBJD 91.5FM in Morehead City, North Carolina WBZC 88.9FM in Pemberton, New Jersey
WCBE 90.5FM in Columbus, Ohio
WCNI 90.9FM at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut (Top Pick)
WCOM 103.5FM in Carrboro, North Carolina
WCUW, 91.3 FM in Worcester, Massachusetts
WDBM 88.9FM at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan (Top 40 of 2010 - "I Got A Girlfriend")
WDVX 102.9FM in Knoxville, Tennessee
We FM 90.7 in Lavalleja, Uruguay
Wellington Radio 783AM in Wellington, New Zealand
WERS 88.9FM at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts
WERU 89.9FM in Blue Hill, Maine
WETS 89.5FM at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee
WEVL 89.9FM in Memphis, Tennessee
WFDU 89.1FM at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey
WFHB 91.3FM in Bloomington, Indiana
WHAY 98.3FM in Whitley City, Kentucky
WHFC 91.1FM in Bel Air, Maryland
WHFR 89.3FM at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan
WHUS 91.7 FM at the University of Connecticut (CD of the Week, CD of the Month)
WIKX Kix Country 92.9 in Port Charlotte, Florida (Top Songs of the Week)
WildmanSteve Radio in Auburn, Alabama (Favorite Album of the Week)
WitchRadio in Kalsdorf, Austria
WJMQ 92.3FM in Shawano, Wisconsin
WJSC 90.7FM at Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont
WKDF 103FM in Nashville, Tennessee
WKNS 90.3FM in Raleigh, North Carolina
WLUW 88.7FM in Chicago, Illinois (Fave Tunes of 2010 - "I Got A Girlfriend")
WMBR 88.1FM at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts
WMKY 90.3FM at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky
WMLB AM1690 in Atlanta, Georgia
WMMT 88.7FM in Whitesburg, Kentucky
WMNF 88.5FM in Tampa, Florida
WMSC in Upper Montclair, NJ
WMUD 89.3FM in Bridport, Vermont
WNCW 88.7FM in Spindale, North Carolina
WNEC 91.7FM at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire
WNMC 90.7FM in Traverse City, Michigan
WOAS-FM 88.5 in Ontonagon, Michigan
WOUB 91.3FM at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio
WPRB 103.3FM in Princeton, New Jersey
WQBR Bear Country 99.9FM in McElhattan, Pennsylvania
WRAQ 92.7 FM New York
WRFL 88.1FM in Lexington, Kentucky
WRIR 97.3 FM in Richmond, Virginia
WRIU 90.3FM in Kingston, Rhode Island
WRRW 102.5FM in Williamsburg, Virginia
WRUW 91.1FM at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio
WSCS 90.9FM in New London, New Hampshire
WSDP 88.1FM in Canton, Michigan
WTEB FM89.3 in New Bern, North Carolina
WTMD 89.7FM in Towson, Maryland
WTTU 88.5FM in Cookeville, Tennessee
WUTC 88.1FM at the University of Tennessee
WVBR 93.5 FM in Ithaca, New York
WVGN 107.3FM in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands
WWUH 91.3FM at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut
WXLV 90.3FM at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania
WXPR 91.7FM in Rhinelander, Wisconsin
WXRY 99.3 in Columbia, South Carolina
WYAP 101.7 FM West Virginia
WYCE 88.1FM in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Fresh Pick)
WYN 88.9FM at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia
WZBC 90.3FM at Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
WZNB 88.5FM in Greenville, North Carolina
Yarra Valley 99.1FM in Victoria, Australia
ZFM Country in Sydney, Australia
ZuidWest 105.8 FM in Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands